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Stampatello has long been synonymous with expertise and experience in the Milanese printing and digital copying market and, thanks to the fast, efficient, competent and reliable quality supplied, over the years it has meticulously met the demands of design and architecture firms, banks, utilities, construction companies, training centers, publishing houses, design school. Its staff, consisting of a team of young highly motivated professionals, combined with latest generation equipment, are able to provide fast, accurate and tailor-made services in line with the customers’ needs.



Photocopying and digital printing

stampe digitali 5We are able to meet any printing need, from small A4 and A3 paper format to weights from 80 gr. to 350 gr. and also large format in black and white and color, accurately reproducing the originals and printing with the highest definition and quality, on 90 gr. paper, 190 gr. cardboard in high resolution. and photo papers ideal for posters.

Cad plots and pdf

plottaggi cadWe print from dwg files and pdf, both in color and black and white. The plotters – Canon, HP and Roland – guarantee high-speed machines and definition. The cad tables are automatically folded in A4 format.

Digital management and engineering layout

gestione digitale masterizzazioni 1We scans documents, saving them in pdf, jpg, tiff, in black and white and in color both in small and large formats in order to supply digital management of simple and tailor-made documents. We also burn CDs and DVDs.

Binding and lamination

rilegatureThis is the final stage of the product processing, which must be assembled and packaged. Bindings and finishes play an important role in the appearance and image of a product. We offer various possibilities ranging from bindings to plastic or metal rings, hot pressure binding and saddle stapling. The plastic coatings of small and large formats, either glossy or matt, protect the finished product or brighten the pictures.


Graphics processing

elaborazione grafica 2Our expertise also includes other graphics work such as logos, layouts, restaurant menu creation, flyers, brochures, business cards, just to name a few.

Special printing

supporti speciali
With the new VP-540 printing and cutting plotter equipped with ROLAND 134.6 cm. light, we can guarantee a high quality print service, also thanks to Eco Sol Max. With VP - 540 we can print on banners,canvas, pvc. 
This support is ideal to create labels and stickers.
It is also possible to print on rigid supports (3 to 5 mm. forex, Kapamount) to produce all kind of signs, plates, panels for architectural competitions to name just a few examples, and then move to the cutting and create pre-spaced signs.
  • Fotocopie e stampe digitali
  • Fotocopie e stampe digitali
  • Plottaggi cad e pdf
  • Plottaggi cad e pdf
  • Gestione digitale e masterizzazioni
  • Rilegature e plastificazioni
  • Elaborazioni grafiche
  • Elaborazioni grafiche
  • Supporti speciali
  • Supporti speciali